Keeper Distribution, #5

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Set Up:

Two goalkeepers are set up on a narrow field, with two goals placed at each end. The goalkeepers shoot the ball back and forth, trying to score in either goal. The service can vary during the game:

  • One or two touch limit. 

  • Drop kick. 

  • Side volley.

  • Direct kick. 

  • Throws.

The first player to three points wins the game, and the players compete in a best of seven series.

Coaching Points:

1.  Time your drop kick or volley so that you strike the ball when it’s close to the ground.

2.  Your first touch must create the proper angle in order to strike a hard, accurate pass.

3.  Point the toe down and slice under the ball in order to drive it with back spin.


1.  Reduce the length of the field. 

Players Required: 

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