Outside of the Foot

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Set Up:

There are 6-8 players set up on the small grid, with lines starting at the cones. To begin the drill, Player 1 dribbles to the cone and passes sharply across the grid to Player 2, using the outside of the foot. Player 2 receives the pass and dribbles to the cone as well, passing the ball back over to Player 3. Play continues back and forth across the grid in a shuttle fashion, with the players only using the outside of the foot to pass. After passing, the players go to the opposite line.

Coaching Points:

1.  Use a hard flick of the foot to pass the ball sharply across to the next player.

2.  Pick your head up and check the target at least once before passing.  

3.  Keep the ball on the outside of the foot to receive, dribble, and pass.


1.  Use a smaller grid to increase the speed of the drill.

Players Required: 


pguthrie on 8/8/2023




pguthrie on 8/8/2023

1. Start with outside of foot. Go opposite directions.

2. Do inside-outside. Opposite directions.

3. Do inside-outside both feet.

4. Do inside-outside both with scissor cut.

Make sure passes and crisp and fast. Make sure ball is received with outside foot before dribbling.


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