Two groups of players about 30 yards from the goal. Goalkeeper in the goal. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2. Player 2 dribbles the ball forward towards the center. After passing, Player 1 makes an overlapping run behind Player 2 and receives a pass in the run from Player 2. Player 1 dribbles towards the goal and tries to score with a shot or a 1v1 with the goalkeeper. Instead of finishing, Player 1 can also pass the ball back to Player 2, who then tries to score. Players rotate positions after each turn. First pass comes from each side. Switch this off.

Focus Points:

  • Player 1: Pass the ball with the correct speed to the correct foot.

  • Player 2: Dribble the ball towards the center and pass the ball into the run of Player 2 with the correct speed. Follow Player 1 to receive the ball back or to pick up the rebound.

  • Controlled finish.

  • Timing of runs.

  • Concentration, focus.

  • Communication. Verbal and non-verbal.

Players Required: