Pass and Move

Set Up:

Scanning a crucial behaviour that is worked on in this environment that can be easily adapted. Players pass to a player in a different coloured bib before moving to the outside of the area and looking for a pas once they re-enter.

Coaching Points:

  • Scanning and movement off the ball to receive in a way you can control and set to dribble or pass the ball

  • As you re-enter the area be scanning and communicating to support those who are looking for someone to pass to

  • Firm accurate passing, keeping the ball on the ground to help the player you are passing the ball control it

A good practice to reference short passes or longer driven passes. Also to reference different types of first touch, for example a touch to set up your other foot to pass or a touch into space and away from the traffic around you. You’ll notice players are bibbed and goals are out ready to go so you can progress quickly to 3v3 games.

Players Required: 

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