Passing Warm Up #3

Set Up:

Diagram 1: Two pairs of players are stationed at opposite ends, passing back and forth across the field. When the deep player receives (Player 1), he plays an up and back combination with his support player (Player 2) and then passes across to the other pair. He can play long to the opposite deep player (Player 4) or short to the support player (Player 3).

Diagram 2: If Player 1 plays the short ball to Player 3, Player 2 must run into the center to receive a back pass from Player 3. From there, Player 2 plays the last pass across to Player 4. The sequence begins again from there with an up and back combo between Players 3 and 4.

Coaching Points:

1    Passing Angles – Play the back pass off to the side, leading your partner into that space.

2    Ball Striking – Long passes should be struck with the instep, putting back spin on the ball.

3    Vision – Before striking the pass, look up one more time and check for the target.  


1   Add another player on each end, continue drill in two groups of three.                                                                                

Players Required: 

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