Triangle Soccer

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Set Up:

  • Create grids that are 15x15yds each. Create an equilateral triangle with cones in each grid, about 2-3 yds per side.

  • Play 4v1 in each grid.

  • The four players score by passing the ball through the middle of the triangle to a teammate on the other side.

  • No one is not allowed inside the triangle, but players are allowed to run around it.

  • Play for 1 minute¬†and see how many goals the attacking team can score. Rotate a new defender in and play again.

  • If the defender wins the ball, they can dribble outside the grid for a point.

Coaching Points:

  • Attacking players need to keep moving to maintain angles of support.

  • Movement of the ball needs to be quick. If you take too many touches, the defender will close down your opportunity to score.

  • Communicate, both verbally and visually.

Goals Required: 
Players Required: 

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