Pyramid Follow and Shoot

Pyramid Follow and Shoot
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This is a continuous soccer shooting drill in which the players make quick passes and quick shots.  Goalies will see lots of shots in this drill! This drill is best when using 5-7 players so that the players are moving as much as possible.  Set up the players in a diamond formation as shown in the diagram.  P1 starts the drill by passing to either P2 or P3.  After the pass P1 follows their pass.  The player who receives the pass (either P2 or P3) makes a quick pass to P4 and follows their pass to P4's position. P4 makes a quick turn and shoots on net.  P4 then collects the ball and runs to the back of the line where P1 started.  The next player in line starts as soon as the shot is taken.  This player needs to recognize which side P1 passed to (either P2 or P3) and make the pass to the other side so that the drill alternates sides.

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