Quick Give and Go Overlap Passing Drill

Set Up:

Here is a passing drill that can be used for working on passing, possession, touch, awareness, and communication. It requires a minimum of 5 players, 1 soccer ball, and six cones, discs, or flags.To start the drill, player #1 will start in the middle of the configuration with the ball and pass to player #2 as they check towards the ball and call for it. Player #2 will one touch the ball right back to player #1 and the go between the two flags (as shown) to get the bal back from player #1.  These two passes should be one touch passes with good touch and accuracy. The next pass is made by player #2 into space in the middle of the configuration for player #3 to run into. Player #3 will receive the ball and start the drill over on the other side by making a pass to player #4. The passing drill continues the same way.

Players should be talking and communicating throughout the drill!

Coaching Points:







Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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