Receiving Drill – Part 1

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Player 1 runs from the cone and thru the gate, then looks up to receive a pass from Player 3. Player 1 controls and then passes across to Player 2, making his run thru the gate on the opposite side. After Player 2 receives and controls, he passes across to Player 3 as he comes thru the gate. Play continues in this pattern, with players receiving after coming thru the gate, passing the ball across, and then going to the line on the opposite end. After five minutes, the direction of the drill changes to counter-clockwise.


Coaching Points:

1    Timing – Strike your pass as the player turns thru the gate and looks up.

2    First Touch – Open up and touch the ball off at an angle. Play in a quick two touch rhythm.

3    Speed of Play – Sprint to the ball when you receive it. Don’t wait for the ball to come to you.



Progression 1 – Add a wall pass in the center before playing the ball to the next player.

Players Required: 

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