Receiving Drill – Part 3

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Player 2 runs from the cone and thru the gate on the other end of the field. He then receives a pass from Player 1, opens up, and then passes across the field to Player 3, making his run on the opposite side. After Player 3 receives, he opens up and passes up to Player 4 as he comes thru the gate. Player 4 then passes across to the opposite side to Player 5. Play continues in this pattern, with players making vertical runs across the field and passing the ball in a figure-eight pattern. After five minutes, the players switch to the other side of the field.


Coaching Points:

1    Timing – Strike your pass as the player turns thru the gate and looks up.

2    First Touch – Open up and touch the ball off at an angle. Play in a quick two touch rhythm.

3    Speed of Play – Sprint to the ball when you receive it. Don’t wait for the ball to come to you.



Progression 1 – Play an Up, Back, and Thru combination at each gate.

Players Required: 

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