Set Up:

  • Players are placed in pairs at the cones around grid. Each pair has one ball between them. The first person in the pair goes first and dribbles on the jog through grid in the center. Once in the middle they perform a dribbling move and try not to bump into anyone or their ball. Once out of the center grid, they pass to the player on the opposite side who repeats the task.

  • Add different dribbling moves to beat an opponent: Scissors, Matthews, Feint etc. Teach each move and use this as a no pressure environment to try each move.

  • Repeat. Encourage players to try different dribbling moves, and going both directions.  

Coaching Points:

  • Emphasize deception with all moves. Get your body into the move to sell it.

  • Be specific about the techniques you are teaching.

  • Encourage tight, close touches when a player is in the center grid so they can change direction quickly.

Players Required: 


MStrickland77 on 6/4/2019