Tight Spaces

Tight Spaces - Soccer Dribbling Drill

Drill Setup

  • Players are placed in pairs at the cones around grid. Each pair has one ball between them.
  • The first person in the pair goes first and dribbles on the jog through grid in the center. Once in the middle they perform a dribbling move and try not to bump into anyone or their ball.
  • Once out of the center grid, they pass to the player on the opposite side who repeats the task.
  • Add different dribbling moves to beat an opponent: Scissors, Matthews, Feint etc. Teach each move and use this as a no pressure environment to try each move.
  • Repeat. Encourage players to try different dribbling moves, and going both directions (don’t only reply on going to the side of your strong foot!)

Coaching Points

  • Emphasize deception with all moves. Get your body into the move to sell it!
  • Be specific about the techniques you are teaching.
  • Encourage tight, close touches when a player is in the center grid so they can change direction quickly.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


MStrickland77 on 6/4/2019


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