Timing the Combinations

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Players 2 and 3 support the players shuttling back and forth, running the following combinations.

1 – Wall Pass

2 – Up, Back, and Thru

3 – Overlap

4 – Dummy, Thru Pass

Each combination has verbal and visual cues that must be practiced on each repetition. Players 2 and 3 are very active during the drill and will need to be rotated out after 1-2 minutes.


Coaching Points:

1    Wall Pass – Support players must set up close to the ball in order to keep the passes short.

                       – Player 1 accelerates after making the first pass.

                       – The second pass should not slow Player 1 down.


2    Up, Back, Thru – Player 3 has to hold his run to see if Player 2 can play one touch back.

                                 – Player 2 has to decide whether to play with one or two touches. 


3    Overlap – Players 2 and 3 makes runs into the middle to initiate the combination.

                     – Player 1 calls for Player 2 to “Hold” as he makes his overlapping run. 

                     – Player 2 strikes the second pass as Player 1 reaches a square position.


4     Dummy, Thru Pass – Player 1 accelerates after making the first pass AND calls for the ball.

                                         – Player 3 enters the play late, just as Player 1 dummies the ball. 

                                         – All three passes must be made with one touch for the timing to work.



1          The players choose a combination based on verbal and visual cues given by Players 2 and 3.

Players Required: 

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