Touch, Turn & Shoot

Touch, Turn & Shoot

Touch, Turn & Shoot is a shooting soccer drill that focuses on a good first touch followed by a long shot on goal.   Players will receive the ball facing the passer with their back to the net. They will need to receive the ball, turn, and shoot in as few touches as possible.  Set up the soccer drill as shown in the diagram.  The first player will call for the ball and run up the discs/cones.  The passer should try to make a pass so Player 1 receives the ball in between the discs/cones.  Player 1 receives the ball, turns towards the inside of the field, and shoots.  After the shot they go to the end of the other line. Players alternate sides so they can work on right and left foot shots.  The passer, after making the pass becomes the shooter and takes the shooters place.  To see the drill in action view the animation.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


kkrotzer on 7/15/2018

good on 6/14/2018

Turn and shoot at goal line.  Add “back” shout to get back back if defender is on them.  

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