Screening in the Midfield

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Set Up:

The teams play 8 v 6 on a half field. At the beginning of play, all of the players are stationed between the midfield line and the 18. The six defenders and two of the attackers must stay inside of the central zone until a ball is passed in to one of the two attackers (Players 1 and 2). After the ball is played in, all of the players can leave the zone, and cross the 18 (the red line). Play continues to completion, with the attacking team going to goal, and the defending team playing out to the four small goals at the midfield line. When play ends, the ball is re-started at midfield.

Coaching Points:

1.  Communication – The back line must direct the movement of the two holding mids.

2.  Vision – The holding mids should open up their stances and check over the shoulder.

3.  Spacing – The back four must stay compact when moving from sideline to sideline.


Progression 1 –  Play 6 v 6 plus two, using two neutral attackers in the central zone.

Players Required: 

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