Set Up:

  • Place players in pairs, about 10 yards away from each other, with one ball per group to work on different techniques:
    • Passing back and forth. 2-touch. Get a point for each completed pass, but must take 2 touches (1 or 3+ touches don’t get a point)
    • Passing back and forth. 1-touch only. Get a point for each completed pass, but only counts if 1 touch. If there is a bad touch and the ball goes out of the area, both players chase down the ball and continue playing 10 yards apart from each other.
  • Repeat each round of technique, and ask pairs to try and beat their scores from before.

Progression: Everyone gets a ball, and is now juggling by themselves. How many juggles can they get? Can they beat their score?

Coaching Points:

  • For passing: toe up, heel down. Strike ball in equator and use inside of foot to maintain accuracy.
  • Stress that players stay on their toes so they can adjust quicker to mistakes. Try to get their chest over the ball when they are striking it.
Players Required: 

Comments on 9/13/2022