5 Great Soccer Dribbling Drills to Sharpen Your Footwork

10 Year Major League Soccer Veteran, Bobby Burling demonstrates 5 dribbling drills that will sharpen up your dribbling skills and footwork. Soccer training videos like these are great because they focus on the fundamentals. Both players and coaches can benefit from watching these videos and paying attention to the details and main points of emphasis. All you need is a ball and you will be able to work on these skills anywhere you want!

The dribbling exercises in this video include:

# 1: Inside & Outside Touches (with one foot)

# 2: Inside & Outside Touches (with two feet)

# 3: Lateral Rolls

# 4 Forwards & Backwards Rolls

# 5: Freestyle! 

Maybe the most important activity is learning how to have fun practicing on your own, implementing the 4 drills above into a creative freestyle!

As a player, improving your dribbling skills is one of the most important things you can do to improve your game. Proper dribbling techniques can help you create space from your opponents and allow you to have a clear pass or an open shot on goal.

It is important to get creative with your dribbling after you master the top 5 exercises above. Work on deceptive dribbling by using the rest of your body to make your opponent think you are going one way, when you go another. You can also use your eyes, legs, shoulders, arms and hips to help fake an opponent out!

Additional Dribbling Drills:

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