This formation is for 7 vs. 7 soccer. Here are the pros and cons for this formation:


  • Provides good width into the attack with #7 and #11 higher up the field.
  • #4 and #5 are in excellent central starting positions to provide pressure/cover for each other.
  • #8 has multiple options to attack with a penetrating pass (#7, #11, #9).


  • If #7 and #11 don’t work hard up and down the field, your team can get exposed on the outside of the field as #4 and #5 will get dragged out wide.
  • If #7 and #11 don’t work hard up and down the field, #9 and #8 will lack options to play wide in the attack.
  • If playing against a team with multiple center-midfielders, #8 can get overwhelmed in defending.



coachjotham on 8/12/2022

We will use this as our formation for to provide a more attacking posture. 


CoachLuis on 3/4/2019

For 2012 

I'm not to sure on positions just yet as I will schedule more scrimmage games before the spring begins but this should give players IDEA of positions and roles. The number system is a good way to remember positions, the DA use it and I feel the players for 2012 can as well. Please spend about 10-15mins to study.

CoachLuis on 3/4/2019

This formation will be a more balanced attack and defend formaiton, we will use Diego, Jamieson, Asto & Hayden as the back 4/5 with Alex, Carter, JP & Asto on the 7,11 and Hayden, Diego & Sean will occupid the 8 position, the 9 will be filled w/ santi, sean & alex, Diego. GK noah. We will look for the 8 inside to lead 7,11 and attack or switch on cross back to 9, 8 or 7.11 pending whos coming in on back post. key is give and go, keeping position, checking in & leading players with a timely pass. 

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