3-4-1 Diamond Formation for 9 vs 9 Youth Soccer Games

This formation is a diamond 3-4-1 formation for 9 vs 9 soccer games. The pros and cons of this formation are listed below:


  • Excellent formations for transitioning into a 4-5-1 at 11v11.
  • Provides good defensive support with #7 and #11 playing in the midfield, and #6 playing just in front of the back-line.
  • Provides good numbers in the midfield to break up opponent’s attacks.
  • Excellent formation for teaching how to play out of the back.


  • #7, #11, #2 and #3 need to be aggressive with getting forward to provide width in the attack.
  • If team is not fast enough to transition into the attack, #9 will be alone with the ball and unlikely to score.
  • Highly defensive formation. Needs quick and mobile players in order to be effective in attack.



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