4-4-2 Flat Midfield Formation for 11 vs 11 Soccer Games

This diagram shows the 4-4-2 Flat midfield formation for 11 vs 11 soccer games. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Classic formation providing good defensive shape, and good options in the attack.
  • If #7 and #11 are quick getting into the attack, this formation provides excellent width.
  • Good formation for playing out of the back.
  • #9 and #10 have the ability to play off each other to attack in the opponents final 3rd of the field.


  • #7, #11, #2, #3 have to be aggressive getting forward to provide width in the attack.
  • #6 and #8 need to understand pressure/cover so they don’t get caught “flat” on the field. One player needs to play slightly deeper than the other to provide depth while defending.



jdavidjordan on 4/1/2024

Base formation _ great for ages transitioning to 11v11

Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024

11 vs 11

Donavon2233 on 3/8/2024

4-4-2 flat formation 

rosas20 on 5/4/2023


phil_lora@yahoo.com on 8/25/2021

4-4-2 flat formation