3 Zones Low Corner Kick

In this corner kick the players will be aware of the three zones in front of the opponents net.  The players can line up in varying order just outside the box so that their runs are different each time.  The player serving the ball can give hand signals as to which zone they plan to serve the ball to.  As the game goes on it can be an in game adjustment depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents.  The four players making runs to the net will each be assigned to a zone.  Player #7 will look for loose balls high in the box and players #2 and #8 will each look to round up loose balls just outside the box.  Player #9 should try to play several yards closer to the opponents net than the opponents forwards so they can win balls cleared by the other team.  Player #10 will make sure to be the last man back.  A slight variation is the 3 Zone High Corner Kick in which the ball is first played to player #2 before being served into the box.