3-3-2 Formation for 9 vs. 9 Youth Soccer Games

Here is a 3-3-2 formation for 9 vs 9 soccer games. Below you will find the pros and cons for this formation:


  • Provides multiple options in the attack (#10, #9, #7, #11).
  • If #2 and #3 get forward in the attack and overlap #7 and #11, can provide excellent attacking options for width.
  • #9 and #10 are able to connect with each other to get forward to goal.
  • Excellent formation to transition into a 4-4-2 in 11v11.


  • Only one center-midfielder means if #7 and #11 do not recover centrally when team doesn’t have the ball, your midfield will be bypassed easily.
  • With three in the back, #2 and #3 need to understand that they need to stay compact with the #5 centrally. If too spread out from each other when the other team has the ball, your team will get penetrated and scored on too easily.



dicksond on 4/18/2023

This will be the go to formation for Chargers Spring 2023 season

beaver on 8/8/2021

Good formation for those begining 9v9.