3-2-3 Formation for 9 vs. 9 Soccer Games

This 3-2-3 formation is for 9 vs. 9 soccer games. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this formation:


  • A diamond midfield (meaning the #6 plays behind the #10) provides more structure and depth to your midfield vs. having the #6 and #10 playing in a line. Attacking/defending responsibilities are easier to describe and assign for new players.
  • Three forwards (#7, #9, #11) provide good depth and width in the attack, allowing multiple options for the midfielders to connect with the forwards.
  • #2 and #3, if they get forward into the attack, provide overlapping options with the #7 and #11.
  • An excellent formation for transitioning into the 4-3-3 formation at 11v11.


  • #7 and #11 need to come back into midfield to receive ball. If the #9, #11, and #7 stand in a flat line with the opponent’s defenders, your team will have difficulty penetrating into the attacking 3rd of the field.
  • With three in the back, #2 and #3 need to understand that they need to stay compact with the #5 centrally. If too spread out from each other when the other team has the ball, your team will get penetrated and scored on too easily.



mack4679 on 9/16/2023

2023 Team Base Formation