3-2-1 Formation for 7 vs 7

3-2-1 Formation for 7 vs 7 Soccer Games
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This is the 3-2-1 formation for 7 vs 7 soccer games. This formation is a bit more defensive and good to use if you anticipate the opponent is very strong on the attack. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this formation:


  • Provides three defenders in the back (#2, #3, #5), making this a safer formation against teams that are potent in attack.
  • Provides two center-midfielders (#8, #6), which helps provide defensive stability in the center of the field
  • Allows multiple options to attack through the center of the field (#6, #8, #9)
  • Excellent formation for teaching playing out of the back


  • #2 and #3 provide the width for the attack as well. If they aren’t able to get forward into the attack fast enough, then your team will lack width
  • #9 must be mobile to find space on field. If they stand in the center all game, you will lack chances to score.


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