3-5-2 Formation for 11 vs. 11

3-5-2 Formation for 11 vs. 11 Soccer Games

This diagram shows the formation of the 3-5-2 to be used in 11 vs. 11 soccer games. The pros and cons of this formation include:


  • Excellent formation for creating options to attack opponent’s goal if #7 and #11 get forward into attack.
  • Good stability on the attacking and defensive side of the ball in the midfield.
  • Center-midfields have multiple options to penetrate opponents back line (#7, #11, #9, #10).


  • Three in the backline make your team susceptible to being beaten on the outside of the field.
  • #7 and #11 need to be fast in getting forward into the attack, and getting back to help defend. If your #7 and #11 are not hard workers, you will get beat on the outside of the field.



jaredray89 on 9/4/2022

3-5-2 offense

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