High Bunch Corner Kick

High Bunch Corner Kick

This corner kick tactic relies on a bit of deception and timing.  Four players can start on the far side of the 18  box and should make it confusing for the defenders just before the ball is served.  Before the player serves the ball in from the corner playr #2 makes a run from close to mid-field toward the near side of the 18 box.  This is an effort to force any defender marking that area to vacate the space to mark player #2.  Player #3 then makes a run into that space and the ball is played into that area.  There should be enough confusion from the pack so that player #3 is not marked too closely.


rodney.ali@gmail.com on 5/1/2023

Good drill. Also important to teach the offensive players in the 18yr. to draw in the defenders away from the near side and play for a rebound.  An offensive play should also be looking to screen the goalkeeper.      

gGroninger on 8/18/2022

Practice drill

mike.farrey on 2/2/2022


jkpowell0811 on 6/19/2019


Seraphimram55 on 6/10/2018


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