1 on 1 with Bumpers

Set Up:

There are two lines of players - A defending line set up on the end line near the post, and an attacking line set up in the center of the field, 30 yards from goal. Two neutral attackers - the "bumpers" are stationed in two small zones just outside of the 18. During the drill, the attacker dribbles to goal, looking to beat the defender 1 v 1. The defender leaves the end line with the attacker's first touch. The attacker may use either of the bumpers to beat the defender or to maintain possession. The bumpers are only allowed one touch. When the defender or GK wins possession, play is over. The two teams switch roles after 5 minutes and keep track of their goals. After each game is complete, the bumpers switch out.

Coaching Points:

1.  Attack the defender at speed and get him back on his heels.

2.  If the defender charges in, wall pass with a bumper and run by him.

3.  Use fake passes to the bumpers to set up dribbling moves.


1.  Progress to 2 v 2.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


perusoccer2018g on 9/7/2018


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