1 on 1 with Bumpers

1 on 1 with Bumpers
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This starts as  a 1 on 1 soccer drill with an option to use a bumper to make it a 2 on 1. F1 starts with the ball and is trying to score against the defensive pressure of D1. F1 has the advantage of using P1 & P2 to their advantage.  If F1 thinks they can beat the D then they can, however, they should be encourage to use a bumper for a give and go.  Make sure after the player passes the ball to a bumper they are calling for it back.  The bumpers should play the ball to space so the player can run into the ball and shoot right off the pass.  If the pass is too far out in front then the goalie needs to come out to play it.  After 3 repetitions have the players switch so that they all have a chance to play as the defender.

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