1 v 1 into 4 v 1, One Touch

Set Up:

The teams station three players on the outside of the circle and one player inside of the central zone, playing 1 v 1. The attacker in the 1 v 1 must receive passes inside of the square and then distribute the ball back outside to a teammate. Attackers on the outside are limited to two touches and they can pass to any of their teammates. When the defender wins possession, his three teammates join him inside of the zone to play 4 v 1 with a one touch limit. The 4 v 1 continues until the defender touches the ball, and then the three attackers move back to the outside of the circle, still  and the drill continues with the same players going 1 v 1 inside of the square. So both teams get a turn playing 4 v 1 and then 1 v 1. New players rotate into the square every two minutes to play 1 v 1.

Coaching Points:

1.  Getting Open – Make sharp changes of speed and direction.

2.  Creating Space – Check away from the ball to make blind side runs.

3.  Speed of Play – Look to play one touch passes into the square.


1.  Play 2 v 2 in the square.

Players Required: 

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