1 v 1 Challenge Circle

Set Up:

Six players from each team start on the outside of the circle in alternating spots. A teammate will be directly across from each player, and they will work in pairs during the game. The attacker (Player 1) dribbles into the small circle versus the player to his right (Player 2), trying to complete a pass across the circle to his partner/target player (Player 3) to score one point. When he does, the defender returns to his spot, and the two attackers (Players 1 and 3) switch places.

Right after a scoring pass, the receiver (Player 3) passes to any of his teammates. That player - Player 4 - becomes the attacker versus the player to his right - Player 5. Player 6 would then be the partner/target for Player 4.

When an attack fails, the teams switch roles and the Feeder re-starts play with a pass to any attacker. Games are played to 11.

Coaching Points:

1. Dribbling – Make sharp changes of speed and direction.

2. Concentration – Watch for failed attacks and re-starts from the Feeder. Do not be late when it’s your turn to defend.

3. Decision Making – If the passing lane closes down, don’t try to force the pass across. Fake the pass and cut the ball back.


1.  Reduce the size of the inner circle to make scoring more difficult.

2.  When a 1 v 1 stalls, attackers can pass out to teammates to create a 2 v 2 to the same target.

Players Required: 

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