1 v 1, With Help

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Set Up:  

Two teams of four are set up on a small grid, playing 1 v 1 on the inside, with the other six players stationed on the outside. The two players on the inside of the grid try to win the ball and maintain possession. They can use their teammates on the outside to relieve pressure, but the outside players are limited to one touch. The outside players can pass to their teammates on the outside as well. New pairs of players switch into the grid every 30-60 seconds.

Coaching Points:

1.   Shield the ball as you receive it and collect the ball with the outside foot.

2.   When receiving, feel for the defender and take your first touch away from pressure.

3.   After passing to the outside, sprint away from the ball and then check back.


1.   After three passes, the defender switches out.

Players Required: 

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