1 v 1, Turn and Burn

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Set Up: 

There are twelve players set up on a small grid, with lines of players starting on the outside. The purple team works east to west across the grid, and the green team works north to south. To begin play, the first attacker (purple team) and first defender (green team) move to the center of the grid. The first player in the passing line finds his teammate with a pass, and the attacker tries to turn and dribble over the defender’s end line. If the defender wins the ball, he tries to dribble out over the attacker’s end line. Upon completion, the drill changes direction and the green team attacks north to south. During the drill, players switch back and forth between the passing and attacking lines, and after five minutes, the teams total up their scores.

Coaching Points:

1.  Create space to turn by checking back to the ball.

2.  Direct your first touch away from the defender.

3.  Feel for the defender and turn when he reaches around for the ball. 


1.  Progress to 2 v 2.

Players Required: 

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