1 v 1 Zone

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  • Make a 15x15yd field with a 5 yd endzone on each end. Make two 2yd goal on each endline.
  • Play 3v3 - A team can only score if they dribble into the 1v1 zone. Once in the zone, they can shoot on one of the small goals, but it has to be within two touches of entering the zone (1 touch if your players are stronger ability)
  • Only one player can enter the 1v1 zone. No additional attackers, and no defenders may enter.
  • The attacker must dribble in to the 1v1 zone and can’t receive a pass in there.

Coaching Points:

  • Big touches vs little touches (keep ball closer to your body when attacking a player 1v1, and take longer touches when exploding into space behind them)
  • Introduce different moves to beat an opponent 1v1.
  • Take first touch after beating a defender in behind the defender to cut off their path of retreat.
  • Dribble into space as soon as you can.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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