1 vs. 1 Ladder

1 vs. 1 Ladder - 1 on 1 U8 soccer drill


  • Make two lines of cones, using the spacing shown. Make sure there is one cone per player.
  • Have players in pairs, one ball per pair. One player stands over one cone with the ball, while the other stands over the cone facing them
  • When the coach says ‘go,’ the players with the ball starts dribbling towards their opponent. The object of the game is to touch the ball to your opponent’s cone.
  • If the defender wins the ball, they immediately dribble to the attacker’s cone to try and score by touching the cone with the ball.
  • The game continues for 45 seconds. After this, move all players to play someone else (you can do this by having one side of the cones stay put, and the other side move down one cone)

Coaching Points

  • Ask “how could we get the defender off balance in order to get around them? How could we use our body to make them think we are going to go one way, when actually we’re going to go the other?” examples of possible answers:
    • dip the shoulder
    • lunge, and use it to push off to go the other
    • eyes look one way, but actually go the other
  • When a player gets past their defender, they need to change their speed (get fast!)
  • The first touch after getting past the defender needs to be behind the defender to cut off their angle of them trying to catch you.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per pair
Players Required: 


nrainbolt on 11/2/2019

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