1 vs. 1 Outside Attack

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This soccer drill is focused on defenders maintaining good defensive positioning.  The goal is for the defenders to force the attackers to the outside and not allow a shot from a good angle.  To set up the soccer drill place two lines on each side of the net as shown.  The inside line are the defenders and the outside line are attackers.  A coach or another player is outside the 18 box with the soccer balls.  Two cones are also placed as shown.  On the whistle the first two players sprint out to the cone in front of them and turn back to the net.  The coach will set a ball out in front of the attacker for them to run into.  The attacker retrieves the ball and will attempt to get a quality scoring chance.  The defender needs to play good position and make sure the attacker does not get a good scoring chance.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


kkrotzer on 7/15/2018

Good drill

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