1 vs. 1 To Single Goal

1 vs. 1 To Single Goal - U8 Soccer Drill


  • Set up game as shown with all the balls with the line behind the goal.
  • Game starts with a pass from the first person in line to the first person in the attacking line.
  • Attacker tries to score on the little goal. If defender gets the ball, they try to dribble over attacker’s endline for a point.
  • If ball goes out of bounds, or a goal is scored, game is over and next two start. The players that just went switch lines.
  • As soon as ball goes out, next two have to be ready to play. Get game moving fast!

Coaching Points

  • The defender (called the pressuring defender) needs to approach with speed, but slow down as they get closer so attacker isn’t able to run by them. Slow down by taking short, choppier steps.
  • Try to make play predictable by angling body to force defender one way or the other.
  • Don’t dive in! An attacker will eventually make a mistake, so just keep in between them and the goal. Wait for the right moment to tackle when attacker takes a bad touch.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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