10 v 4, Central Wide Grid


Field is laid out with 50+ yds width and 15-20 yds of length. The attackers play keep away with three midfielders within the grid versus four defenders. The remaining attackers (seven players) are outside the grid.

Coaching Points:

  • Look for quick switches of POA, try to draw defenders, use feints (eyes + ideas, figure it out + fake them out).

  • midfield three – in possession read off each other, try to find a triangle shape, find pockets between defenders, continually scan field; out of possession – try to take away options, corner ball when possible.

  • defending midfield four – in possession expand field (4v3), try to use combinations of play to switch; out of possession, communicate marks (1st/2nd defender), look to close of passing windows.


If an outside player loses possession, he switches with the defender.

Players Required: 

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