15 x 10 yd 1 vs. 1's to Goal

15 x 10 yd 1 vs. 1 - Small Sided Dribbling Game


  • Make a 15×10 yard area with two two-yard goals on opposite sides of the grid. Two players are positioned in the grid and two players are resting, one behind each goal with extra balls. Repeat setup to accommodate the entire team.
  • The player with the ball must beat his/her opponent on the dribble and pass it through the small goal to the resting player. If a goal is scored, the ball is stolen, or it goes over the line, a change of possession occurs and play continues in the opposite direction. Play for 1 minute and then switch with the resting players.

Coaching Points

  • Players need to keep the ball close using small touches so they can change direction quickly.
  • Must get the defender off balance by quick and fancy footwork with the ball.
  • Use body parts to add to deception
  • When you get past opponent, your first touch should be behind the defender to make it more difficult for them to get back in front of you.



Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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