2 v 1, Three Times

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Set Up:

During the game, the teams play 2 v 1 in each of the three zones of the field. All players must stay inside of their own zones during play, but they can pass to any of their teammates. When a defender wins the ball, the other two defenders cross over into his zone to play 3 v 2. Balls played out of bounds are re-started by the Feeder, and after two minutes, the players switch pairs and/or zones.  

Coaching Points:

1.  After a combination, immediately look for a pass out of your zone.  

2.  You need time to make the long pass from one end zone to the other. Don’t force it.

3.  Maintain possession until a good opportunity to switch the ball materializes.


1.  Play 1 v 1 plus one in each zone.

Players Required: 

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