2 v 2 Finishing Game

Set Up:

The teams play 2 v 2 in each half of the field with 4 neutrals stationed inside of the central zone. Players can pas the ball directly into the other half - it does not have to be passed to a neutral first. The neutrals are limited to one touch, but they may shoot from inside of the central zone. When the goalkeeper wins possession, he may distribute the ball in both halves of the field and also to the neutrals. The first team to score two goals wins the game, and the losing team rotates into the central zone.

Coaching Points:

1.  Group Attacking – Take play towards the end line and create room for shots from the neutrals.

2.  Blind Side Runs – As the defenders close down on a neutral, look for runs in behind them.

3.  Combination Play – Look for horizontal takeovers and overlaps when playing 2 v 2.


Progression 1 –  The attacking team can score in either of the two goals and the opposing team must defend both goals. All of the rules for the neutral players remain the same.

Players Required: 

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