2 v 2 Plus Two


  • Make a 15x15yd grid, and two teams of four players.
  • The teams play 2v2 in the center while each team’s remaining two players are opposite each other on the outside of the grid.
  • One team tries to score points by passing the ball to one of their team’s outside players, who then has two or three touches (depending on ability) to pass it back to a teammate inside the grid. That team then has to go the other direction to score their next point.
  • If the opposing team wins the ball, they then try and go perpendicular to the opponents to one of their players outside the grid.
  • If possession is lost, and then regained by the same team, then they can go to any of their outside players regardless of who they went to last.
  • Ball cannot be played from a player on the outside to the other player on the outside.
  • Play for 1.5 minutes and then switch inside and outside players.

Coaching Points:

  • Teammates on the outside and inside need to be constantly moving in order to provide better options of support for the player with the ball.
  • Communication so the person with the ball can find you faster.
  • Once ball is played to outside person, both players on the inside need to look for space to move into. If they stand in the same spot, they are easier to defend
  • Look over shoulder before receiving the ball in the inside to know if you can turn quickly.
  • High work rate!
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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