2 v 2, Sideline Trap

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Set Up:

The teams play 2 v 2, with 4-6 additional players stationed along the end line. The players start from the corners, and the Feeder starts play with a pass to any of the four players. From there, the attackers try to advance the ball across the field and dribble it over the opponent’s end line. The defenders attempt to trap the ball along the sideline in order to win possession. Attackers are allowed to pass backwards to players on the end line, but the end line players are limited to one touch. Defenders on the end line are allowed one step into the field when tackling. When teams are scored on, they must sprint across the field and back.

Coaching Points:

1.  Communication – The first shout sorts it out. Defenders must talk to each other.

2.  Angle of Approach – The first defender forces play into the sideline to create a 1 v 1.

3.  Cover – The second defender closes down the passing lane and creates a 1 v 2.


1.  The attackers switch places with every pass back to the end line.

Players Required: 

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