2 vs. 2 Defending the Shot

    Set Up:

    On the same 36 x 20 field, split teams into two lines, one on each post. All balls start with the Feeder.

    • The game starts with a pass from the Feeder to either attacker. Play 2 v 2, with attackers trying to score on big goal. Defenders attack the small goal when they win ball. Also, the defenders can use their GK to keep possession.
    • Once the ball is out, players return to their own lines and new players come on.
    • Play for 2-3 minutes, and keep score. Then the teams switch sides and play continues.

    Coaching Points:

    1.  The 1st defender needs to get to attacker quickly in order to deny the shot.

    2.  The 1st defender must control their speed so as not to get beat 1 v 1.

    3.  The closer the defenders are to their own goal, the closer they must be to each other.


    1.  Both teams attack large goals with GKs.

    Goals Required: 
    Balls Required: 
    Players Required: 


    joeyl@soccercandiac.com on 11/4/2022


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