2 vs. 2 to Goal

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  • Penalty area with goal, and a 20x10 area in front of 18yd box.
  • Coach plays ball to either of the two attackers, who attempt to beat the defenders. Once past, they can shoot on goal.
  • Defenders keep trying to win ball even after being beat.
  • Play with offside.
  • If defenders get the ball, they pass to the coach for a point.
  • Once ball is dead, the two attackers become the defenders, and a new ball is played into the next two attackers.

Coaching Points:

  • Initial pressure on ball is all about slowing attacker and getting their head down, so teammates can get back to help defend.
  • Once ball is played to attacker, defender needs to get to attacker as quickly as possible to make them look down at the ball.
  • As defender gets closer to attacker, it important to make their steps shorter and choppier. If they come in too fast with long strides, the attacker will just touch the ball to the side to beat them!
  • Defender needs to lower center of gravity as they approach attacker.
  • Encourage defender to not approach the attacker “flat,” meaning parallel to the attacker. Instead, defender should angle their body one way or the other to force attacker in one direction.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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