2 vs. 2 Tournament

2 vs. 2 Soccer Tournament


  • Make four fields at 20x10 yards. Place 2 yd goals on each endline.
  • Players play 2v2 on each field.
  • If goal go out at sideline, throw-in or kick-in to get ball back in play (coach choice).
  • Games are four minutes long.
  • After each game, the winning team gets promoted up a field, while the losing team get relegated down a field. The team that wins on the highest field stays, as well as the team that loses on the bottom field.
  • Play as many games as you wish (4-5 is usually good).
  • If two teams tie, go to a shootout or play rock-paper-scissors to find the winner.

Coaching Points:

  • None. Let the players play and make mistakes. Only intervene if it is taking too long to get ball back in play.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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