3 on 1 Passing

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To set up this soccer drill, set up four cones in a rectangle that is about 15 x 25 yards.  There will be 3 players on one team against 1 defensive player. One offensive player is inside the rectangle and is gaurded by the defensive player.  There are two offensive players at each end line.  To start the drill, give the ball to one of the players on the end line.  This player has the option to pass to their team mate inside the box, or pass to the team mate at the opposite end line.  The objective is to get these players to recognize the passing lanes and make the pass to the correct player.  If the player inside the box is well covered by the defense, then the player on the opposite end line needs to find the lane and present themselves so that the player with the ball has an easy pass.  If the defender chooses to defend the long pass, then the short pass will be available.  For higher level players you can make a rule that passes between the end lines have to be in the air.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


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