3 v 1 Into 2 v 1, In Waves

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The attacking team starts with a 3 v 1 in the back half of the field, looking to pass to their teammate in the attacking half, playing 1 v 1. When the pass is made into the attacking half, one attacker can cross over to create the 2 v 1 to goal. The central players (Players A and B in blue and Players 1 and 2 in red) may not cross over. It must be one of the other two attackers. Teams attack in one direction until both pairs of outside players have finished on goal, and then the teams change direction. Central players always stay on the field during the drill, and they will get a chance to be both attacker and defender in both halves of the field.


Coaching Points:

1   Attacking – Push the dribble at speed down the middle of the field and commit the 1st defender.

2   Timing the Run – Hold the checking run back to the ball until your teammate can pass.

3   Finishing – Commit the last defender before setting up a teammate for a run at the goal.



Progression 1 –  Add players into the attacking half and progress to 3 v 1 into 3 v 2.

Players Required: 

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