3 v 2 Into 1 v 1

Set Up:

The teams play 3 v 2 in one zone with a third defender stationed in the opposite zone. The attackers must dribble thru the gate before they can continue on to goal. When they do, the defender releases from the center of his zone, running thru the gate to create the 1 v 1 (Diagram A). Upon completion, the attackers re-start the 3 v 2 and a new defender moves over to the opposite zone (Diagram B). When the defenders win the ball in the 3 v 2, they immediately switch it over to the opposite zone and their teammate dribbles out to create a 1 v 1 to goal. Any of the three opposing players can run out of their zone to chase from behind.

Games are played to three goals and then play is switched over, putting the 3 v 2 on the other side of the field.

Coaching Points:

1.  Shielding – Dribble into the path of the defender, putting yourself between him and the ball.​

2.  Finishing – Look up and find the keeper as soon as possible.

3.  Finishing – Take your last dribble touch right or left to create shooting angles.


1.  Add players, progress to 5 v 3 into 2 v 2.  

Players Required: 

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