3 v 2 Into 2 v 2 Into 2 v 3

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Set Up:  

There are sixteen players set up on a large field split into three zones, playing 7 v 7. During the game, the players must stay inside of their own zones, playing 3 v 2 in the defending zone, 2 v 2 in the central zone and 2 v 3 in the attacking zone. The ball can be played directly from one end zone to the other, bypassing the central zone. Shots can be taken from any zone. Balls played out of bounds are re-started with a free kick. On goals and balls put out of play, the game is re-started by the GK.

Coaching Points:

1.   Check away from the ball in order to create enough space to receive.

2.   With a defender on your back, take your first touch away from pressure.

3.   Play in a one and two touch rhythm, especially in the central zone.


1.   Attackers can follow their own pass into the next zone.

Players Required: 

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