3 vs. 3 Transition Game

Set Up:

Two teams play 3 v 3 in the penalty area. The Coach starts play by passing a 50-50 ball into the box for the teams to compete for. When a team wins the 50-50 ball, they must pass the ball out to the Coach at least once before shooting. Whenever the defenders win the ball, they must get a return pass from the Coach before shooting as well. When a ball is kicked out of the penalty area, the Coach re-starts play with a 50-50 ball. The Coach determines whether or not to use the offsides rule during the game.

Players Required: 


Litlemoma05 on 12/9/2022


Litlemoma05 on 12/1/2022

No goalie (practice on side with someone see goalie drill)

10 min practice total

5 min per 3v3

khering0813 on 10/16/2018

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