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Your typical, basic rondo exercise will contain possession players around the outside of the playing area only. Here now, we have added possession playes to the inner part of the rondo. This invokes ideas of playing through the lines and finding space as an individual, as well as finding the spare player‘ concept. From a defensive point of view, the presence of the central player gives the defending pair an extra layer of complexity when defending.


• Grid size as appropriate to players’ age and ability. • Four possession players, one of each side of the grid, plus a fifth player confined to the central quadrant. • Possession players can, and are encouraged to, move along their line. • Two defenders who attempt to regain the ball.


• Possession players score a point by transferring the ball from an outside player to another outside player, through the central, ‘spare’ player. • Possession players keep the ball away from defender for as long as possible, or for a target number of passes.


1.   Turn and feint towards an outside attacker, and then play to the spare player in the center.

2.   The spare player must be able to turn and pass in two touches.

3.   The spare player should not hide behind defenders.

Players Required: 


Knthor09 on 3/7/2022

3-8 practice 

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