4 v 1 into 4 v 3 Breakout

Set Up:

The game begins with a 4 v 1 in one half of the field with three defenders waiting in the other half. Based on their ability, the attackers may be limited to one touch in this part of the game. After the attackers make five consecutive passes, another defender (Player 2) crosses over, creating a 4 v 2 situation (Diagram 1). If the attackers complete five more passes, a third defender (Player 3) crosses over to create a 4 v 3.

As soon as the 4 v 3 is created, the attackers are now free to pass or dribble the ball out of their half, looking to re-form the 4 v 1 in the other half versus the lone defender (Player 4). If the attackers manage to maintain possession and re-form their group in the other half, they score one point (Diagram 2).

With any loss of possession, the teams switch roles immediately. The ball is passed over into the other half to re-start play with the 4 v 1.


Teams score one point for maintaining possession of the ball while switching over to the other half of the field. Defenders score one point for winning the ball during the 4 v 1.

Coaching Points:

1.   Spacing – Attackers should use the entire half of the field and force the defenders to chase.

2.   Speed of Play – Always be ready to make one touch passes to relieve pressure.

3.   Anticipation – Start attacking runs early, just before the third defender comes across.


1.  Defenders score one point for winning the ball during the 4 v 1 and the 4 v 2.

Players Required: 


CDASlammersFC on 5/7/2022

Great drill, pressure, critical thinking…

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